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The blue lined background is to remind the sea and the sky – always blue along our coast - and mixing together on the horizon.

The glorious, beaming sun illustrates the subtropical nature of our surroundings.

The boat with latine sails was chosen from the badge of the "Commando's d'Afrique" to remind us that Le Rayol-Canadel was the first place in Provence to be liberated by them on the night of 14th-15th August 1944.

The horizontal green band underlines the importance and quality of the forests which crown our coastline.

Through their grace and movement, the 3 squirrels symbolise the three built-up areas of our Village.

The turreted, golden sand walls standing at the top of the blazon remind us of the Barony of La Mole, from which we grew as a separate entity by Prefectural decree of  30th August 1949.

The centre of our coat-of-arms is framed…

-          on the right, by of a branch of Sinople pine needles (green) with pine cones (black) reminding us of the extensive forest around our Village

-          On  the left, by a branch of mimosa with Sinople leaves and golden flowers, underlining the subtropical acclimatised here.

The inscription BENE ACCIPERE AD REVERTENDUM SEMPER" means: "A good welcome is always remembered".

The  coat-of-arms of Le Rayol-Canadel Pramousquier was registered with the French Armorial authorities on 31st March 1956.     


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