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Le rayol Canadel : Walks and Discoveries SENTIER LE PETIT RAYOL CANADEL ROUND TRIP


Sentier le petit Rayol Canadel - round trip

2:00 - 6.9 km - 2 diff - no markings

Take the road RD 559 to Cavalaire, to the left, up the stairs to Patec circular pergola. Up the road to the right of the church, and in the corniche of Aix-les-Bains, Clement Bayard, Corniche de Genève. At the intersection of the corniche of Nancy, 50 meters down on the left "col de l'étoile" after the "Pink House", take the left lane RF FP 331 33 during 1.3 kilometers to the Col du Canadel where you have a beautiful view on the Rayol-Canadel, the sea and the Isles d'Or.
At the crossroads, take down the road beside the panel "private property". After Avenue des Stoechades, go up follow along the cemetery. Down the road, continue straight on at the intersection of corniche de Toulouse, de Marseille, catch up the corniche de Lyon and Bruxelles. At the church, return to the Patec, then at right, a narrow path, down the staircase, the RD 559 and return to the tourist office.

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